Local 5 Year Old Helps the Homeless

Susie Limmer May 10, 2016 Taking Action

Meet Madeleine

She is 5 years old and lives in Centennial with her 3-year old sister, AuPair Raquel, her mom, and dog Corduroy. She is a typical kid in most ways. She likes Legos and playing dress up. But she is also unusually sensitive and caring.

When she saw a homeless person near Cherry Creek Mall for the first time she quickly decided something needed to be done.

According to her mom, “Madeleine peppered me with detailed and relentless questions for the entire drive home from the mall. They were rather grown up questions.”

Her mother suggested Madeleine could help collect items for the St. Francis Center for the homeless (https://www.sfcdenver.org/). Madeleine got to work. Immediately.

She called her father and asked for a donation of men’s jeans and toothpaste and toothbrushes. Then she called her Grammi and asked for women’s under garments. Next she asked to have Poppi put on the phone. She instructed him to please bring new white socks.

She made arrangements to collect everything in the next couple of days. When she was finished she had two large bags full of donations.

When we asked Madeleine how other people could help the homeless she said, “Give them a warm place to sleep, care packages, and something to eat.”

The St. Francis Center

St. Francis Center is a refuge for men and women who are homeless in the metro Denver area, providing shelter along with services that enable people to meet their basic needs for daily survival and to transition out of homelessness.

On an average day, over 700 different people visit St. Francis Center, and on a busy day, over 900 people may pass through their doors.

The guests usually do a small chore around the center and then are allowed in the clothing room to “shop” for what items they need.

Spring Collection

We have made arrangements to collect items for the St. Francis Center this month. Click here to view list of items we’re collecting.

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